Superior Lamp Inc. now Offers Safety Coated Light Bulbs

October 29, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Superior Lamp Inc. now offers heavy duty, energy efficient, Teflon safety coated light bulbs that are perfect for all applications which require additional safety measures. In addition to obvious applications in the restaurant/food service industry, these bulbs are perfect for use in hotel restroom/bathing areas, hospitals/sterile environments, factory inspection/quality control areas, body shop use with drop cords and rough service applications just to name a few. For all businesses which require heavy duty lighting, where just 1 stray piece of glass could prove problematic, these new Teflon safety coated light bulbs are perfect. For more information on Superior Lamp Inc. please visit

The new Teflon coating is designed to be able to withstand heat at a much better rate than other traditional silicone bulb coatings. Cleaning is also a breeze with this new Teflon coating by allowing the bulbs to be easily wiped down from any food or grease that might find its way onto the bulbs during the cooking process in a restaurant, for example. Superior Lamp Inc. has been offering heavy duty, energy efficient, industrial lighting for businesses large and small for over thirty years now. All of Superior Lamp's lighting solutions are geared 100% to help preserve the environment by offering environmentally friendly lighting products to businesses and municipalities across the U.S.. Superior Lamp Inc. realizes that preserving the quality of life along with the planet, starts with how everyone uses everyday products to go through their daily routines. Lighting and light bulbs, in particular, are one of those items that oftentimes get easily overlooked. Now is the time that companies and businesses across the globe really start to show their focus on helping out the environment in order to preserve the Earth's life span. Energy efficient lighting is one way that many businesses could make a small change that really alters the big picture. It could even aid with our global climate change. This area of growth has only just begun and has really become an opportunity for businesses to show that they care. As time goes on Superior Lamp continues to show its devotion to preserving the environment so that future generations can and will live a better life. Every new lighting solution Superior Lamp offers is another step in the right direction for everyone. These new Teflon coated bulbs are just another sign of their commitment to helping out Mother Nature.

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