Transit NXT to conquer the hispanic market

October 31, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Transit NXT represents the climax of 25 years of success and experience acquired within this leading multilingual communication company. The product seamlessly integrates all the functional components of a complete computer-assisted translation system: project management, import and export filters, translation memory and translation editor, extensive quality controls, terminology management and file alignment.

Translate more in less time and at a lower cost
Since Transit is able to reuse previous translations, it reduces the time taken to complete translation projects. Repeated text is translated automatically and the translation memory searches for textual equivalents and
displays these for the translator. By automatically reusing translations you can produce more in less time and using fewer human resources, benefits which automatically result in huge savings.

Two products in one…
Transit has always incorporated the terminology manager TermStar. In other words: if you buy Transit, you automatically acquire a TermStar license. Transit and TermStar complement one another perfectly, interacting and interchanging information so that the translation process is seamlessly linked with the terminology work. We all know that good terminology work is essential for a good translation.

…well, hold on…. its actually three products in one!
With this new version, Transit has become the only computer-assisted translation system which, in addition to the normal documentation formats, can also translate and edit binary software resources. Transit can import .RC, C++, and .NET files, etc. but also binary RC, .EXE and .DLL files. The new version of Transit not only allows you to translate resources but also edit elements of the graphic interface: dialogue boxes, buttons, options, etc.

Spectacular discounts
The launch will be propelled by very generous discounts. "The market entry of the Spanish version is an important milestone for us, but we have more reasons to celebrate: This year is the 10th. birthday of STAR Servicios Lingüisticos and the 25th. anniversary of the STAR Group. To celebrate all these events, we offer our clients huge discounts", says Michael Scholand, CEO of STAR Servicios Lingüisticos.

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