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November 02, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News is glad to welcome in the new 2009-2010 Revo Sunglasses collection. For those of you who are not familiar with Revo, they manufacture some of the highest optical quality lenses on the market. Founded in 1985, out of the idea that NASA technology was just as suited for sunglasses as it was for space shuttles. All of Revo's lenses are polarized, come with back anti-reflective coating, and are offered in Serilium Polycarbonate or 1.8mm thin Glass. Revo polarized sunglasses utilize Revo Polarcast Technology which is responsible for creating some of the clearest most advanced sunglasses in the world and it is our pleasure to carry the line.

The Revo sunglasses collection all use lenses which are nothing short of technological marvels, and all feature: Revo Polarcast technology, a polarizing filter that blocks glare that's being reflected off flat surfaces like water, snow, and the road; Element Shed an exclusive lens coating that ensures virtually anything will roll right off the surface of your lenses; Revo sunglasses all also feature lenses with a back anti-reflective coating, eliminating the light that is reflected off the inside of the lens.

Revo Sunglasses not only provide unmatched lens quality but also frame materials and designs which are meticulously constructed for both performance and style. A perfect example is the Revo metal collection: which has frames made of a Nickel-Silver Alloy, comprised of copper, nickel, and zinc, creating a lightweight and corrosion-resistance frame. The frames contour to the wearer's face providing great wrap around coverage, with the lenses on a 9 base curve. All frames also come equipped with spring hinges to allow for flexibility and comfort. The Models in the Metal collection include the Revo Discern RE 3084, Revo Transome RE 3086, and the Revo Undercut RE 3083.

Revo sunglasses feature polarized technology and frame designs which are simply unmatched and it our pleasure carry the line and welcome them to the family. The entire Revo sunglasses collection is now available at

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