Decode Car Hire – Preparing for the 2010 Car Hire Season

November 09, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
London With the World Travel Market 2009 almost here, Decode Car Hire is gearing up to release its new plans for 2010. There has been some recent stirrings about Decode Car Hire focusing a lot of its energy into the ever popular social networking markets. With the new Facebook application called Easy Car Hire already available, Decode Car Hire is really trying to bring the cars to the people rather than vice versa. They are also utilizing Twitter to reach a large audience about their worldwide car hire services. A spokesperson from the Decode Car Hire marketing department said, "We are very interested to see what kind of activity we can stimulate through these relatively untapped social mediums. It is really great how they are all linked together and they provide a very low cost solution to our advertising plans." The spokesperson continued to speak about the Facebook application and how it is the only one of its kind on the internet's biggest social network page. He acknowledged the accomplishment with some more words about the Facebook application saying, "The idea was simple really, we implemented our application so that millions of Facebook users could search for cars without having to come to our main website. We are also using the Facebook as a customer service medium so that our existing and future customers can contact us." The customer service reference was enthusiastically emphasized by the Decode spokesperson because he was very anxious to speak about the new project.

Decode Car Hire is planning to step up the customer service aspect of the business to set themselves apart from competing companies. With new satisfaction guarantees ready for 2010, Decode Car Hire really wants to learn from the mistakes of the competition, as well as themselves, to provide the best service in the business. Again the Decode Car Hire spokesperson wanted to really address the new plan by saying this, "We see what people write in forums and we know there is a lot of problems with the aspects of customer service in the car hire business. We are here to fix the problems. We want our customers to feel welcome and respected when they use our company. Our new plans for the 2010 year are going to completely revamp the car hire customer service business and will guarantee the satisfaction of our clients." He was careful not to reveal the full details of the customer service plans, but he was also very keen on using the phrase "complete transparency." It sounds as though Decode Car Hire is really putting the customer first when it comes to their car hire services and special offers.

When the clock strikes midnight on January 1st 2010, look for Decode Car Hire to really start ramping up their already good customer service to an unprecedented level. We can also expect to see Decode Car Hire pushing hard through the social markets in an attempt to find customers by different means than simple searches on Google or Yahoo. Decode Car Hire should be a major player in the car hire business come 2010 and with the implementation of the new customer service plans, they should have no trouble securing a lot of satisfied clients.