On-Line Strategies releases OLS.Switch for Rx Adjudication

November 11, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
On-Line Strategies has launched a pilot of OLS.Switch to support Rx Adjudication switching on behalf of a Fortune 100 level customer. The initiative was part of a large scale migration plan to decommission a costly legacy platform starting with all financial transactions, and now Rx transactions.

"Our directive was simple," says Terry Richards, president of OLS. "Our customer was aware of the ever increasing cost and risk associated with the continued use of their legacy system. As part of a total migration strategy, OLS.Switch will handle Rx transactions in addition to credit, debit, EBT, stored-value, methamphetamine check, employee verification and electronic check acceptance. With the migration project fully underway, we are confident the project will yield positive results for our customer."

Based upon its core payment switching technology OLS has leveraged its expertise in Online Transaction Processing or 'OLTP' to extend the functionality of OLS.Switch to manage Rx Adjudication processing. "Pharmacy Adjudication messages based on the NCPDP message formats are substantial in comparison to financial based ISO-8583 transactions and other payment terminal message formats" says David Bergert, Technology and Development Director for OLS. "The ability to take our deep experiences and message processing strategies in OLS.Switch with financial transactions and merge them with the practices and standards of the pharmacy arena demonstrates the flexibility of OLS.Switch for non-financial transaction processing applications.

About OLS.Switch
OLS.Switch is On-Line Strategies' payment transaction processing engine, built using best-of-breed technologies to implement a unique new design supporting the latest industry standards, regulations, and best practices for payments and settlement processing. OLS.Switch is structured as a standards-based processing engine enhanced by a highly flexible business process flow manager developed with the insights gained from 25 years of operational experience.

Today, many organizations are implementing enterprise-class applications on low-cost Intel/AMD-based servers. OLS.Switch fits in with most corporate IT platform strategies. OLS.Switch allows an organization's IT department to use the operating system and database engine of its choice. OLS works with those teams to configure the system to fit their high-availability SLA target.

About On-Line Strategies, Inc.
On-Line Strategies, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has supported Fortune 1000 organizations' payments processing needs since 1996. OLS has provided strategic and technical business process consulting, production support services for integration, monitoring, and decision support to medium and large enterprises in support of their mission-critical payment systems. For further information, contact On-Line Strategies at info@olsdallas.com.