Geothermal Heat Systems Services from Triterra Now Available for Residential, Commercial Projects

November 11, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Geothermal heat systems services, a new technology that takes advantage of Michigan's ground temperature, are now available through Triterra. Triterra is a professional environmental sustainability consulting and Brownfield development services firm founded in Lansing, Mich.

Geothermal heat systems utilize the ground temperature to provide efficient cooling and heating. It regulates the temperature by transfer heat from the earth into the building to add warmth during the winter. Similarly, summer heat is transferred back into the ground to cool the building. It is considered a much efficient and environmentally friendly source of heating and cooling.

There are two different types of geothermal heat and cooling systems: closed loop and open loop. It is important to consult a hydrologist to ensure that the correct loop and process for your project is done correctly.

Since its foundation, Triterra has advocated environmental sustainability. It has invested in the latest technology to device a sophisticated geothermal heating solution that not only is efficient but also offers other benefits to its clients like low operating costs, long life expectancy, low maintenance and environment friendliness.

In a world where exhaustion of nonrenewable sources of energy and global warming have become the major concerns, it's wiser to opt for cheaper and environment friendly options. People who have installed geothermal heat systems in their homes and offices have witnessed a drastic cut in their annual expenses like never before. It makes sense to switch to a technology like geothermal heat system that not only is economical but also a lot more convenient. To learn more about Triterra and its Geothermal heat systems, visit