Innovative ZipBox™ Package Makes Successful Debut at Pack Expo

November 18, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Marlton, NJ –ZipboxTM, the re-sealable zip top carton, was introduced by T.H.E.M. (Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing) at Pack Expo 2009, Las Vegas, NV, October 5-7. Zipbox combines the best elements of a folding carton with those of a re-sealable pouch, eliminating the need for an inner liner. Those in attendance, including international consumer products goods companies and retailers, received the debut with great interest.

Among the many features of the new Zipbox is a press-to-close zipper on top that allows for easy opening and closing. An airtight seal configuration on the package bottom eliminates the need for an additional liner to maintain product freshness. The zippered pouch folds down after filling for efficient sealing and shipping, and is easily opened when the top flaps are lifted up by the consumer.

The liner-less design also provides for a minimum of 10% additional content, or source reduction, when compared to traditional bag-in-box packaging, and up to 40% in some cases. In addition, the Zipbox's rectangular 'footprint' offers better space efficiency than stand-up pouches and canisters all the way from manufacture to retailer shelves.

According to T.H.E.M. CEO, Neil Kozarsky, "This unique package responds to the critical need for better cube utilization, allowing more product to be shipped and displayed on the shelf. We're very excited about the possibilities Zipbox offers for numerous products like snack foods, cookies, crackers, cereals and dried fruits. Frozen items are also ideal candidates for Zipbox." Kozarsky added that non-food items like powdered laundry detergents can also make extensive use of this new form of packaging.

Recent consumer testing of the Zipbox design has proved very positive. People found the packaging to be exceptionally convenient and highly functional. More than 85 percent of the participants cited "liking" or "loving" zipper-top packages as a main reason for responding positively to the Zipbox.

Kozarsky stated that he was "impressed and pleased by the positive response from the research. The consumer's understanding and appreciation for the benefits and advantages of the Zipbox indicates a high degree of acceptance for more effective re-sealable packaging in their cupboards."

With a proven machinery and material supply team in place, pilot production of the Zipbox is expected to begin in early 2010 within T.H.E.M.'s Marlton, NJ facility.

Zipbox is yet another example of T.H.E.M.'s history of successful package introductions. Most recently, the company was recognized for introducing U.S. audiences to the flexible Stick Pack, a single-serve solution for "on-the-go" consumers, and an increasingly popular package option for powdered beverage brands. One leading packaging journal acknowledged T.H.E.M. as "one of the industry's most influential companies" for its role in making Stick Pack a commercial success.

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