Superior Lamp Inc Now Offers New Heavy Duty L.E.D Lamps

November 24, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Superior Lamp Inc now offers new and improved L.E.D. lighting solutions designed for longevity and heavy industrial use. These are cutting edge hi-output L.E.D.s that are whiter and brighter than other lighting products in the industry. Superior Lamp Inc. has been specializing in marketing heavy duty industrial lighting solutions for over thirty years and brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table. For more information on Superior Lamp please visit

These new L.E.D.s are designed and engineered to not only put out a much brighter light but outlive the competition as well. The new Xtrabrite L.E.D.s use a cutting edge technology that allows the bulb to maintain 90% of its brightness after 5 years of continuous use as opposed to a regular bulb that would have less than half of its luminescence capability. These new lamps do not require time to build up brightness. Once these lights turn on it is instant brightness until they are shut off. They are also mercury free and do not have any UV output making them very safe to use. These new lamps are guaranteed for 15 years while many regular short life bulbs have been known to burn out in less than 6 months. Each lamp comes housed in a rugged aluminum housing and offers amazing heat control that allows the bulb to be easily used all day long without any fear of fires or burnouts. Each lamp has been built and designed with top of the line industrial grade components which have been engineered to withstand almost any industrial setting they might be applied to. All components are also designed to run with a cool operation to minimize heat discharge that regular type bulbs give off during normal use. At full beam, the L.E.D.s give off a very flattering wide smooth beam that is spread with the finest precision optics leaving no space untouched. Unlike many regular bulbs this lamp will not fade or yellow over time. In today's economy these long lasting lighting solutions are perfect for any industrial setting.

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