My Kangen Power .com Upgrades Server Infrastructure to Handle Demand

November 25, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
My Kangen Power .com has recently updated their website server infrastructure in order to handle a much larger visitor load servicing thousands of Enagic distributor websites in the US, Canada and Europe. The growth trend is expected to quadruple as they continue to service an ever-increasing number of new Enagic distributors with their marketing needs. This upgrade was completed so that every member of this highly popular online business community will never have to worry about My Kangen Power .com slowing down, going offline or creating a bottleneck for their member websites. All website visitors on a global scale will enjoy fast, consistent and reliable download time, ensuring optimum success for distributor marketing efforts. My Kangen is the only Enagic water business community that serves as a primary and heavily relied upon distributor support system… so it is imperative that their website uptime is as close to 100% as possible. For more information please

Enagic water is an extremely potent antioxidant and it's the healthiest form of water that can be filtered down to its purest form by using normal tap water and an Enagic water machine. This reduces all the toxins that might find their way into a person's drinking water supply and through a unique process returns the tap water to its original, natural intended form. Kangen in Japanese literally translated means, "Return to Origin". My Kangen Power .com is the marketing and Enagic business training hub for thousands of successful Enagic Water distributors, who by utilizing the tools provided, have created a great deal of prosperity for themselves and for their business associates. My Kangen Power .com helps them to successfully market these water filtration devices to the mass public on a worldwide stage. The websites they offer drive home the point that these water filtration devices come with over 32 years of innovative Japanese technology and successful use in hospitals in Japan behind each one. They have been known to help people tremendously with many different types of illnesses including terminally ill people through the technology surrounding this incredible machine. Through sophisticated marketing and quality content the website visitors receive this message quite clearly, which helps the distributors to educate and ultimately get this incredible water into the homes of the people who need it most.

Each person that becomes a member of My Kangen Power receives two lead generation websites, two websites designed to educate your prospects, a state of the art virtual back office, business training and award winning live support to help each distributor if a problem should surface. Since this business is so technologically driven and really thrives as an online business, it's imperative that Kangen Water™ distributors know that they can rely on My Kangen Power's services, tools, infrastructure and support… this is guaranteed! My Kangen Power .com is offering an exclusive 30 day trial offer for a limited time to all Enagic distributors who are interested in checking out Enagic's largest, most comprehensive distributor resource center. For more information please visit: