Omaha Chiropractor Dr. Nick Crom Wins ACOM Health $50,000 Ultimate Practice Makeover; Sees Prize Helping Double his Practice within Three Years

November 24, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
ATLANTA, Georgia, November 24, 2009 "Nothing venture, nothing gained," Dr. Nick Crom of Spring Ridge Chiropractic and Acupuncture, in Omaha, Nebraska, was thinking as he filled out an online form to register for the ACOM Health Ultimate Practice Makeover Contest. Today, the contest winner anticipates accelerating growth under a $50,000 prize package that includes three years of ACOM Health's Billing Optimization Service, RAPID Documentation and RAPID Practice Management software, implementation and training services, and three-years of software support.

"What's remarkable about this prize is not its face value; it's the impact it can have on the winner's practice going forward," ACOM Health Division Manager Mark Firmin had said in announcing the contest. "The benefits of winning, in the form of increased revenue and reduced exposure to insurance audits are worth a great deal more than $50,000, and they will continue as long as the doctor remains in practice."

And that is exactly how Dr. Crom sees it.

"With the new system in place I expect our growth to be multi-dimensional. The RAPID Chiropractic software will carry us to a whole new level of efficiency both in our clinical documentation and reporting and in our scheduling, billing and collection activity. I expect our coding and billing effectiveness to improve dramatically under the guidance of the ACOM Health experts, resulting in greater per-patient revenue, more precise billing and less concern about payment denials, delays and payback demands."

According to Dr. Crom, winning the Ultimate Practice Makeover is definitely taking the practice to an entirely new and very exciting level.

"The ACOM Health combination of technology and expert services represents a powerful platform for growth," he said. "Until now, the practice has grown every year through of good service and referrals by satisfied patients, and we recently began reaching out to the community through lectures and personal contact. Now we have the resources we need to accelerate that growth. I was very fortunate to win this wonderful prize and I plan to make the most of it."

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