MessageExport, the advanced email export add-in for Microsoft® Outlook® and Sharepoint®, now includes support for Symantec® Enterprise Vault®

November 25, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
(Moorhead, MN) Encryptomatic® LLC announced today the release of MessageExport™ for Outlook that is compatible with Symantec® Enterprise Vault® 8.0, the industry leader in email and content archiving.

"Adding support for Symantec's Enterprise Vault archiving system improves MessageExport's usefulness to our enterprise clients," said Darren Leno, President of Encryptomatic LLC. "MessageExport empowers Microsoft Outlook users to easily export, format, convert, rename, copy, compress and archive email content in a single, efficient operation."

With MessageExport, users can select any number of messages in Microsoft Outlook and then convert them to a variety of formats including .msg, .eml, .pdf, .mbox, .mht, .html, .jpg., .tif, or .gif. MessageExport can also copy messages to a folder, network location or a Sharepoint library.

To use MessageExport, Outlook users select the emails they want to export, and then select a conversion profile (such as PDF) from the quick access toolbar. MessageExport will prompt the user for a location to store the files, retrieve the content from Enteprise Vault, and then export it according the user's preferences.

At the heart of MessageExport's flexibility are conversion profiles, which can be easily created or modified to contain many desired actions. MessageExport users can easily build conversion profiles that may contain a variety of user preferences.

For example a worker engaged on a project could create an export profile that specifies a Sharepoint library location where the files will be stored, a preferred message format, a specific file naming scheme, and even zip compression or password protection. MessageExport can also be configured to take specific action after export, such as invoking a batch file or application.
MessageExport is used by large and small companies to copy, convert, backup, archive, compress and rename email messages all from within Outlook.

MessageExport is available from Encryptomatic LLC and its global resellers.

More information and a free trial can be found at

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