Alternative Cisco Provider MLCP Announces Holiday Drawing

November 26, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Torrance, CA November 26, 2009 MULTI-LINK Communications Products (MLCP), the well-known alternate Cisco provider for businesses all over the world, just announced that it will hold a drawing for a $200 credit toward any new or refurbished product it sells on its website.

"The holidays are a great time to do drawings like this," explains Eric Tanaka, MLCP President. "People are in a generous spirit and if a business is clamping down and waiting for next year's budget to kick in before buying something they could really use right now, this is a terrific way for us to help them out." With over 20,000 networking hardware products on MULTI-LINK's website, the winner may have a hard time choosing what she/he wants to use the credit toward. MLCP offers everything from cables and accessories to routers to switches to memory products and line cards from industry leaders like Cisco Systems, Juniper, and Foundry."The winner may want to use the credit toward something big, or simply purchase a spare cable or accessory to have handy and in stock," says Tanaka. Either way, one lucky business is bound to benefit.

So how does this drawing work? It's easy. There are two ways be entered. First, go to MLCP's website, click on the email link in 'Contact Us' and email your name, company name, address and phone number to MLCP. Be sure to put 'Holiday Drawing' in the subject line. Or, you can send a holiday card (any kind) to MULTI-LINK Communications Products at 2420 West Carson Street #110, Torrance, CA 90501. Write your company's name and address inside the card (or include a business card) and write 'Holiday Drawing' on the outside of the envelope. Regardless of whether you enter by mail or email, your company will be entered. The drawing will take place on December 30, 2009 and the lucky winner will be notified by mail. The $200.00 credit is valid until March 31st, 2010 and is applicable toward any single purchase from MLCP.

MULTI-LINK Communications Products maintains one of the largest inventories of networking hardware equipment in the United States and specializes in locating difficult-to-find products globally. Even products that are no longer manufactured are often available new or refurbished through MLCP. In addition to selling high-quality networking equipment , MLCP also offers generous discounts and trade in credits for surplus equipment.

Since 1995, MULTI-LINK Communications has been a reliable supplier of network hardware and equipment from Cisco and other companies like Juniper, Foundry, and many more. The company buys used equipment for generous trade-in credit or cash, and sells both new and refurbished equipment at discount prices. Whether you need to replace a simple network cable, or upgrade to an entirely new network with higher-performing Cisco routers, start and end your search with MLCP.

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