WD Bathrooms advice to women on how to get their messy man to shape up in the Bathroom

November 28, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Every woman's nightmare is a messy man and a grotty bathroom is the cause of many spousal arguments. Lynne Wilson, Sales Director for Sheffield-based WD Bathrooms has five top tips for making sure your man scrubs up.

Lynne said: "Most women are sick of picking up soggy towels and wiping toothpaste off the taps but there are clever features you can add to your bathroom. that mean you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing.

1 Scrape your cares away and buy a shower blade to hook inside your shower cubicle. shower cubicle. Shower blades are suitable for curved or straight glass doors and clean the glass with ease and no cleaning products are required. The shower blade also reduces lime scale so it cuts down your cleaning time, allowing you to enjoy a little more me time.

2 Clear away clutter with a shower tidy which will store your bottles and tubs of shampoo or shower gel at eye level rather than all over the floor of the shower.

3 Invest in a shower guard to treat glass panels and shower doors including bi-fold pivot hinged and sliding doors. Glass shower guard is easy to apply and permanent and treats the glass so cleaning it is much easier.

4 A bathroom cabinet is both stylish and practical for hiding all your unsightly bathroom clutter under the sink or on the wall, including razors shaving gels and aftershave products.

5 Banish wet towels from the bathroom floor with a heated towel rail. Rails come in a variety of shapes and sizes and heat your room as well as providing a place to hang and dry towels.

These are just a few things ladies can try to encourage their other half to keep the bathroom clean and looking good as well."