Know the Intruder Before They Gain Access says Crime Prevention Products

December 11, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Recent statistics have reported that the recession has seen an increase of burglaries in the UK. Home Office figures show a 4% increase in burglaries in the last quarter. For this reason, security experts such as Crime Prevention Products are recommending that the public take extra precautions in protecting their homes.

Burglar alarms within the home may not be the only thing needed to ensure full protection. The fact is that while these alert people to intruders, they are already inside the premises which is far from ideal. Driveway alarms, already popular for many years in the US, are now fast gaining popularity in the UK since in effect they offer a first line of defence, giving owners an added layer of security to prevent unwanted persons from gaining access to their property.

In a nutshell, driveway alarms work as wireless battery operated detectors that signal back to the house or office alerting the home or business owner to the presence of a visitor. The detectors are always powered by battery, making them easy systems to install. The signal can be silent so only the property owner knows, or it can be made to be audible and/or visual to act as a deterrent.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products comments, 'We try to recommend to customers a complete home security system that will give them total peace of mind. A Driveway alarm is a valuable extension to any home protection solution by allowing customers to be aware of who is approaching their premises before the doorbell rings or, in the worst case scenario, before a criminal gains entrance, An added bonus is people are also less likely to miss a home delivery.

When choosing a driveway alarm however, it is crucial to select one that matches the premises. First, property owners need to know the distance between their driveway and the chosen site for the alarm receiver, so that they can buy a driveway alarm system capable of covering the required range. In order to best determine this, reputable security providers will test the driveway alarm in open ground using 'line of sight', but it is important to remember that each time a signal has to pass through an obstacle (such as a wall or building) then the range will be decreased. As a guide, each time the signal passes through an obstacle, a reduction of about 20 meters should be expected. It is thus imperative that customers select the location for the Motion Sensor carefully.

A second important factor is for property owners to decide whether they want their driveway security alarm to cover other areas around your property - if so, more than one motion sensor will be needed.

Terry Rattee of Crime Prevention Products concludes, 'Having been in the security provision business for many years, we can vouch for the fact that the right driveway alarm gives a property an added boost in protection. Naturally, most people would want to know an intruder is approaching before they actually gain access.'