December 14, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Heavy duty industrial lighting supplier Superior Lamp Inc. now offers special energy efficient lighting solutions to combat those winter blues that people develop from lack of natural light during the winter months. Their line of "Freshwite Xtrabrite" products (which includes Fluorescents and L.E.D.s) was specifically designed to replicate natural sunlight. This is the perfect solution for those looking to beat that dreaded darkness that blankets us all much earlier during the winter season. To learn more about Superior Lamp please visit

Each year about this time, as the daylight decreases and the nights get longer, the lack of quality light starts to effect people and their moods take a dip. When this happens, both productivity and attitudes suffer. There have been many studies that have suggested ways to improve this yearly condition. Each year one of the highest rated conclusions strongly advocates improving both the amount and quality of light that we introduce into our work place each day. This will have a direct effect on our daily lives and improve the environment and productivity as we go about our day by day tasks.

Superior Lamp has always provided their accounts from coast to coast with environmentally friendly products. While these products serve their customers with energy efficient lighting, their "Freshwite Xtrabite" line also produces a natural light that has a balanced spectrum which is similar to natural sunlight. This is a quality lamp that is safer for the environment while producing a brighter and whiter light. Because of these and other features, Superior provides their customers the best products available on the market today.

This same bright light is now also available in Superior's exciting new line of "Xtrabrite L.E.D" lamps. This cutting edge technology maintains 90% of brightness after five years of service! That alone is a feature that guarantees these products will have unparalleled success in today's market place.

Expect Superior Lamp to continue leading the Industrial Lighting Industry with Innovation and a Commitment to High Standards of Excellence for Trust, Performance and Integrity. To learn more about Superior Lamp please visit