Greengate Intensive Takes A Holistic Approach To Arizona Drug Rehab With Neuro Feedback

December 17, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Flagstaff, Arizona - Greengate Intensive, one of the nations leading drug, alcohol and substance abuse treatment facilities, takes a holistic approach in treating individuals affected with these disorders.

Neurofeedback therapy is an effective treatment that helps patients overcome many symptoms without drugs and surgery. Until the last few years, most doctors believed that many disorders were untreatable without the use of medications or surgery, but neurofeedback is a therapy that has proven extremely beneficial for many.

Individuals who suffer from ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and substance abuse often share many of the same symptoms. Most addictions or compulsive behaviors begin in the brain. Neurofeedback helps reduce insomnia, anger, stress, anxiety and depression, due to the fact that the individuals are taught how to soothe themselves through developing alpha activity in the brain. In turn, this reduces their craving or need for drugs, alcohol and other substances.

The brain is responsible for many actions - our thoughts, impulses, and even how the body physically responds. When brain waves are disturbed, which can happen through accidents or trauma, abnormal impulses are transmitted which creates imbalances within the body. At Greengate Intensive, individuals are taught how to control their brain waves, which means they can concentrate and focus on positive thoughts instead of negative.

Brainwaves are actually electrical impulses through which the brain sends messages to the body. If these impulses are disturbed, it may cause negative or problematic thoughts that can lead to anxiety, depression, and substance or alcohol abuse. Neurofeedback is a process in which the client learns how to modify the brain wave pattern through repetition to develop a more normal, positive thought process.

Neurofeedback is essential in treating many people who are affected by anxiety, depression, insomnia and substance abuse. While each individual differs in what treatment works best, it is often a combination that produces the greatest results. Neurofeedback helps those with ADD/ADHD or any anxiety issue learn better, have higher self-esteem, good behaviors and an overall enhanced ability to interact with others.

Greengate Intensive Arizona Drug Rehab ( takes pride in the counseling, therapy and treatment it provides to individuals affected by many anxiety and substance abuse related disorders. Medications are often effective, but some do mask the problem instead of treating it directly. We believe that our treatment methods, along with neurofeedback, are the best available to head individuals on a path in the right direction. A normal functioning, happy and full life is our desire for all of our clients.