Design Your Own Custom Chef Jacket with Dajoji Chef Coats

December 17, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Vancouver, BC. Want the fit and function of a Dajoji chef coat with a design that's all your own?

Vancouver-based Dajoji now offers custom chef coats that are designed specifically for you. Chefs often complain that they like certain aspects of their coat but not the entire garment, for example, they like a coat's low collar but not the awkward buttons, or they like the fabric colour but not the sleeve length.

With Dajoji's custom chef coat program, chefs can get a coat that is exactly what they want without sacrificing the high quality, performance and fit that Dajoji chef coats are known for.

The custom chef coats continue to carry founder Anthony Nicalo's vision of a chef coat that meets the fast-paced demands of the professional kitchen, and has ties to ethical fashion and the niche performance market.

Designing Your Dajoji Custom Chef Coats

With the same high-quality organic materials as the original Dajoji chef jacket, you determine the front closure, top stitching, sleeve length, and pockets.

You can also choose:

* Embroidery
* Dyed organic cotton in a variety of colors
* Different notions (buttons, colored thread, and more.)

Prices range from $200 to $280 per coat.

If you want a custom look for your entire kitchen staff, Dajoji offers bulk orders of multiple sizes, with volume-based pricing, which ranges from $150 to $125 per coat on orders of 50+ coats.

To get started on your Dajoji custom chef coat, or for additional information, please contact Jessica Robinson or visit

Also New at Dajoji: Sustainable and White

For those who need to wear white in the kitchen, Dajoji now offers a sustainable solution. For a $5 environmental fee, you can choose to have your chef coat bleached. Half of the environmental fee will be donated to a sustainable group whose work helps counteract the negative impacts of bleach on the environment.