Commuters Among Those Six Times More Likely To Have Accidents On The Roads This Christmas

December 20, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Commuters battling to get to work and parents doing the school run are among those six times more likely to have an accident on the roads during the winter months, with snow and ice further increasing the risks, according to Continental Tyres.

Last year, the UK experienced temperatures ranging from +30 to -15 degrees Centigrade. Given such diverse and potentially dangerous weather conditions, it's important to make sure you've got the right sort of car tyres and that they're in good condition.

Tim Bailey, safety expert at Continental Tyres said: "When the temperature drops below 7 degrees Centigrade, cold weather tyres which have tread patterns and compounds designed for wintry roads are certainly worth considering. They improve stopping distances in icy, wet and any snowy conditions we might experience in the coming months. Again, it's all about being prepared so that you are safe in all eventualities this winter."

To increase driver awareness of winter road conditions and accident prevention, Continental Tyres has released four tyre safety videos presented by racer Fiona Leggate. The videos focus on the most important checks that drivers should be vigilant about performing on their car tyres in the winter, as well as simple and straightforward tyre safety information including:

* Checking for safe amounts of tread depth
* Ensuring that tyres have correct pressures
* Looking for and repairing tyre damage
* Using tyre sealant kits to keep you moving

"I'm in the unusual position of not only being a racing car driver, but also a mother" said Fiona, "Being a mother means that - now more than ever - I'm equally concerned about the performance of tyres off-track, as I am on it."

For further information on driving safely this winter and checking your vehicle visit Tyres For Life