WDC Media' Creates Hi-Visibility in Secular Media for Christian Organizations

October 12, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Christians News in Secular Media?

What once seemed impossible is now a genuine reality for a growing number of Christian organizations. At the forefront of this media-turnaround is, WDC Media.

WDC Media is an industry leader in Christian Public Relations and Media relations specializing in secular news placement for Christian organizations.

Unlike, many PR firms that passively rely on press releases, WDC Media succeed by personally contacting journalists so as to aggressively pursue their client's case.

"WDC Media — understand the importance of knowing how to talk to secular media ," reports Dr. Joseph Chavez, of Phoenix Inner City Church. Their team identified four separate stories for our church and framed each item, as a news story which resulted in our church being featured on ABC15, NBC12, CBS5 as well as FOX, AZTV and MSNBC in just a 10 month period. That kind of driven PR was unheard of before WDC media, it just didn't exist.' announced Chavez.

With its central hub in Phoenix, WDC uses an operational style that is proactive, client-responsive and cost considerate "We pour our resources into people not expensive office space,' says Susan Zahn, the firms founder.

One of the way WDC Media' keeps operating costs down is through a network of creative channels, virtual offices and innovative partnerships.

The firm has assembled a professional team of writers and editors to ensure outstanding media content including Joseph Grant Swank, Pastor of New Hope Church in Windham, Maine. Swank is the author of five books and thousands of articles in various Protestant and Catholic magazines, journals, and newspapers.

WDC Media also contracts with Michael Vlachos, Ph.D., a professional writer and President of the successful editing company, Christianedit.com.

For more information on WDC Media, please call them toll free at (866) 736-1702.