Start the New Year Right by Getting Into Shape With iTrainer

January 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Getting into shape is on the minds of many people at the beginning of the New Year. The iTrainer website offers convenient and affordable fitness training programs to make one's New Year's resolution a reality.

iTrainer is a subscription service that provides downloadable workouts. Getting started is as simple as downloading the program to an iPod or other MP3 device. It provides a "virtual" personal trainer as the program is developed by some of Australia's best trainers and fitness professionals. Best of all, the program is more affordable and convenient than having an actual trainer who may only be able to meet with clients once a week.

Whatever one's fitness goals are, iTrainer keeps users motivated as they take on a fitness routine. While some people may not look forward to exercising after the holidays, iTrainer keeps every workout fun. The service will keep users on their feet with motivating, exciting tunes to rev up the exercise adrenaline. iTrainer's unique fitness routine also provides users with step-by-step workout guidance and assistance on intensity and technique.

iTrainer is appropriate for anyone at any fitness level. Beginners can join in with little difficulty. Whether users prefer to stay indoors or take their workouts outside, the program will help increase cardio fitness, tighten abs, arms and buns, or simply build muscle.

Gaining an attractive body is not the only reason to begin a fitness program. Exercise has been proven to decrease stress; stave off chronic diseases such as heart disease; and even help with more restful sleeps at night. Improving one's overall fitness can also put the spark back into ones sex life.

If one has issues keeping up the momentum after they begin a new exercise program, iTrainer encourages everyone to fill out workout logs to track progress, while also having the option of receiving text messages and phone calls as a reminder that the next workout is coming up.

The iTrainer program is available at

About iTrainer:

iTrainer was founded by a team of savvy, health-conscious Australians. With the rise and convenience of the Macintosh's iPod, they developed the fun and easy to use iTrainer program that provides fitness advice for anyone no matter their ability or location.

iTrainer is a subscription service that supplies exercise programs as a series of workouts using packaged MP3 files (about 6 MP3 files) which are podcasted into iTunes and are automatically loaded to the iPod once connected. Besides developing the service, the creators of iTrainer also use the program themselves to keep fit.