Get Tight Abs on a Tight Budget With The iTrainer Program

January 11, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Now that the holidays are over, many people are stuck with the extra pounds gained from all the fatty meals eaten. now offers an inexpensive fitness training program to help people get fit again.

iTrainer is an affordable option to assist people with getting back into shape for the New Year. The website offers professional and fun fitness advice that can be delivered straight to an iPod or other MP3 device. This "virtual personal trainer" is a subscription service that supplies exercise programs as a series of workouts using packaged MP3 files designed by some of Australia's top trainers and fitness professionals. For those who find it difficult to remember workout sessions, iTrainer has a web-based workout trainer and session log where they can plan workouts in advance.

iTrainer has a variety of ways to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. From outdoor jogging that will increase fat burning and cardio fitness to an indoor workout that will tone up the torso and create "buns of steel," iTrainer's training programs has something for everyone at any fitness level. Even if one doesn't have the experience with exercise, iTrainer makes it easy with simple an easy program to help them get started.

All that is required to get started is to download a program and be dedicated to the workout. The result will be an ideal body weight, as well as all the benefits that being in shape provides such as increased metabolism, higher energy level and feeling more relaxed. iTrainer allows people to develop more body strength while maintaining their exercise program.

With iTrainer, one can make sure that their fitness program is on track as well as monitoring all progress. Users can even receive SMS or a phone call to remind them when a workout is scheduled.

Paying a lot of money for expensive personal trainers isn't needed when one can be downloaded directly onto an iPod. Users of iTrainer's convenient service can exercise at their own pace as they build muscles and confidence.

The iTrainer program is available at

About iTrainer:

iTrainer was founded by a team of savvy, health-conscious Australians. With the rise and convenience of the Macintosh's iPod, they developed the fun and easy to use iTrainer program that provides fitness advice for anyone no matter their ability or location.

iTrainer is a subscription service that supplies exercise programs as a series of workouts using packaged MP3 files (about 6 MP3 files) which are podcasted into iTunes and are automatically loaded to the iPod once connected. Besides developing the service, the creators of iTrainer also use the program themselves to keep fit.