January 04, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Sean James Student Athletes Foundation (SJSA), whose mission "is to provide youth who have achieved academic success and display a passion for sports and the arts, the opportunity to attend sport and creative art camps throughout the country," thus fostering leadership and confidence, is proud to announce the launch of a specially designed charity bracelet.

Former NFL running back, Sean James, understands the value of empowering youth so they may develop their own gifts, however he also knows not every child has the financial resources available to him/her to help nurture and sharpen their talents. From one meaningful experience Sean James had as a mentor for a seventh grade boy who grew into the first college graduate of his family, Sean could see what impact one mentor could have on one child and decided he wanted to do more, thereafter forming the Sean James Student Athletes In partnership with The Boys and Girls Club, SJSA provides scholarships to students, in New York City and Sean James' home state of Kansas, who wish to excel in ways they may not have otherwise thought possible. Because Sean James is a strong believer in education he emphasizes to all students who enter the program to not only excel in their chosen sport or art, but to also excel academically. Students who are interested in applying for scholarships must provide school transcripts, with one recommendation letter from a teacher and a second recommendation letter from a coach or music/art teacher expressing the excellence they have witnessed and the potential they foresee. The student is also required to submit one previously written and graded essay, as well as a newly written essay as to why he/she wants to be involved with the SJSA program and what he/she hopes to gain. During camp, students will explore their talents, receive advice from professional athletes and business leaders, and build relationships that could last a lifetime. Participating camps are based on university campuses, such as Princeton University Sports Camp, University of Kansas Camps, University of Maryland and Hutchinson Community College.

As the website opens with a silhouette of a galloping white horse and images of children at play, Vanessa Carlton's "Ordinary Day" lyrics import a truth SJSA embodies:

"Take my hand; Live while you can; Don't you see the dreams right in the palm of your hand"

The galloping horse represents movement of the mind, as well as the body, and the process of breaking through his/her personal blocks to find their stride in their personal goals, in school and potential future careers, while developing relationships with different people and places. The horse also serves as the centerpiece symbol for the SJSA Foundation charity bracelet.

Renowned jewelry designer Catherine M. Zadeh, in collaboration with Sean James, designed this elegant and striking bracelet in 10K gold ($450), as well as sterling sliver ($100) featuring the galloping horse encircled in the words "Find Your Stride" with a black or brown cord. A special green cord is also available, made possible by the support of The Oxygen Plan, a new program to help people reduce stress and make lasting changes that increase their well being, health and happiness. All proceeds from the charity bracelet go towards the scholarship program. Scholarship winners will be provided with all essentials. Each camper will be given all new equipment, apparel and daily necessities needed to participate in the camp. Students will live on university campus for five to seven days.

The SJSA Foundation has proudly supported several student athletes/artists find their stride with scholarships since 2007. Now with the "Find Your Stride" charity bracelet it is the organization's hope to raise awareness, as well as funds, in support of it's mission and purpose of coupling athletic and artistic talent with academic excellence through fellowship and mentoring. Supporters looking to invest in a child's future can do so at the through the purchase of the "Find Your Stride" charity bracelet. SJSA has provided other ways for supporters to invest with the help an organization called CommonKindness. CommonKindness has created a new business model to satisfy these needs, creating a sustainable partnership between people, the charities they care about and businesses. You can save money by clipping valuable, free coupons and discovering free community services available to you in your local community. Best of all, every time you clip coupons CommonKindness provides funds to support SJSA foundation at no cost to you! CommonKindness shares 60% of its profits or 20% of revenue, whichever is greater, with organizations you select, allowing you to help create a sustainable funding stream for the charities and causes you care about most while you save money, for more information and to get started go to or

Sean James Athletes Foundation - SJSA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. The foundation was established in June 2007 and provides scholarships to middle school students through the Boys and Girls Club and public schools in Kansas and New York.
For more information contact Sean James - or 646-368-1817.

Catherine M. Zadeh - Catherine M. Zadeh's designs are featured at Bergdorf Goodman in New York and now available across the country in high-end specialty stores, Catherine's designs have been donned by celebrities and featured in publications including Departures, GQ, Town and Country, and nominated "Best Of The Best Of 2006" by the Robb Report.