A New Year and a New You With The iTrainer Fitness Program

January 18, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
People trying to lose weight this year can also save money using a convenient online fitness program that can be downloaded to their mp3 player available through iTrainerUSA.com

iTrainer is a downloadable fitness program that provides a "virtual" personal trainer through an iPod or any MP3 device. iTrainer was developed by some of Australia's top fitness experts and gives users the ability to be trained by a professional trainer without the expensive price tag. Even though each program may last from eight to twelve weeks, the workouts are diverse and never get stale users get several new programs whenever they want so they will never feel like they are going through the same routine every time they sweat. There is even exciting modern music that accompanies every workout so users can move to the rhythms as they burn away the calories.

No matter what program users download, they can impress friends and family with the results of this convenient subscription service. Whether one prefers working out in the comfort of their living room or hitting the sidewalks outside, iTrainer has a plan for each individual to help burn off the calories gained during the holidays. With the workout programs, users can tone abs, arms and tummy, or shrink their buns. With the cardio workouts, one can even strengthen and raise the endurance of their heart and lungs.

Getting fit with iTrainer improves more than physical and mental attractiveness. Keeping dedicated to a fitness program will help people blow off steam and decrease stress levels, helping to feel more relaxed by simply working out and raising the heart rate. As users manage their weight, they can also keep high blood pressure at bay. Besides those great health benefits, exercising is also fun, especially if shared with friends during routines.

The iTrainer program is available at www.iTrainerUSA.com

About iTrainer:

iTrainer was founded by a team of savvy, health-conscious Australians. With the rise and convenience of the Macintosh's iPod, they developed the fun and easy to use iTrainer program that provides fitness advice for anyone no matter their ability or location.

iTrainer is a subscription service that supplies exercise programs as a series of workouts using packaged MP3 files (about 6 MP3 files) which are podcasted into iTunes and are automatically loaded to the iPod once connected. Besides developing the service, the creators of iTrainer also use the program themselves to keep fit.