Your Lucky Times (SM) Announces Launch of A New Gambling "Luck Cycle" Service

January 30, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Your Lucky Times (SM), the experts in personal financial astrology, today announced plans to launch a new service which analyzes the annual, underlying "luck cycle" of an individual gambler or speculator. Your Luck Cycle Trends has been developed for professional poker players, horse race handicappers, high-frequency traders, and other professional speculators.

Market research conducted by Your Lucky Times (SM) showed that there are many people who want to know the general background for their financial and speculative luck. "Individuals like professional poker players, racing handicappers, and day traders, are interested in the trend of their luck over longer periods of time than a single day," said Cara Lee, Your Lucky Times (SM) chief astrologer. "Your Luck Cycle Trends joins our original offering, Your Lucky Times Report, which was geared to lottery and lotto players, who want to know the specific days to play their games."

The phenomenal rise of online gaming, "fantasy" sports betting, coupled with the requirements of professional gamblers and handicappers highlighted the need for this second financial luck service. "These players are going to bet anyway sometimes it is their job to make bets or to speculate," noted Lee. "They just wanted to know the strength of their underlying luck over any given period of time."

Your Luck Cycle Trends rates the customer's underlying luck trends from Four Stars to no stars for a period of a year, using the individual's birth date and time. It includes a graph of the four underlying luck factors, which are ranked Supremely Lucky, Very Lucky, Pretty Lucky, and Slightly Lucky, and an analysis marking the periods that are the luckiest. Your Luck Cycle Trends is offered for $29.95 for a year's report.

"Once a person sees that the background luck is quite good, they might want to go on to the detailed Your Lucky Times Report," said Lee. This report is priced at $77.77 for an annual report, and usually results in 15 pages or more or lucky dates.

Your Lucky Times (SM) is the premier consulting firm in the arena of the astrology of good fortune. Their work is based on a number of scientific studies of the charts of people who won over $30 million, allowing them to perfect their approach. They have elevated a number of gambling winners, including a client who won $1,800 betting a trifecta on a horse race. They promote good gambling-budget money-management, saving clients an average of $300 a year.