Airfoil POV Paper Urges Auto and Tech Sectors to Bridge Communication Gap to Accelerate Clean Technologies

January 12, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Jan. 12, 2010 — In a newly released Cleantech Point-of-View (POV), Airfoil Public Relations urges the automotive industry to adopt the flexible, fast-to-market strategies of the technology industry and points out that tech developers have much to learn from best manufacturing practices developed by auto companies.

"It's time for the automotive and technology industries to embrace partnerships, share best practices and speak the same language to accelerate clean technology and enable the U.S. to regain its manufacturing dominance," declares the paper, titled "Alternative Energy Vehicles, Clean Technologies Going Mainstream Pipe Dream or Reality?"

Airfoil Vice President and Cleantech Industry Leader Rich Donley points out that many innovations, including electric vehicles have been around since the early 1990s, but "nearly 20 years later, only a small percentage of those technologies are now in vehicles." He suggests that an elemental difference exists between the way the auto and technology companies reach out to the marketplace. The POV notes, "The technology industry does not have the bandwidth for hype and concept products and timelines-it's too busy rolling out actual products that we can use, right away. Automotive companies say, 'Look at what's coming.' Technology companies say, 'Experience it today.'"
The POV lays out five steps that auto and tech companies should take to communicate better with each other and raise America's manufacturing prowess:

1.Automotive, technology and cleantech industries need to speak a common language to make vehicles better, more efficient and environmentally friendlier.

2.Forge true partnerships and share best practices, so that cleantech startups are taken seriously by automakers and industrial companies and so that the auto industry can be on the leading edge of technology.

3.The automotive/industrial sector must be more agile and innovative, introducing new and green technologies.

4.Technology/cleantech companies must understand the needs of well-established auto companies to become supplier partners.

5.Communicators should seek to drive actions that create and foster fast companies, bridging the communication gap between tech and auto producers.

Headquartered in the Detroit area, with a principal office in Silicon Valley and practice areas dedicated to cleantech and automotive/industrial technology, Airfoil more than ever supports automakers, the Detroit region and Michigan. The agency, which employs 60 public relations professionals, works with a number of clients to help them bridge market segments and build their brands.

The POV paper is available for download from the Airfoil Web site at

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