Email file attachments are under attack, OutDisk® FTP for Email Users (with Outlook® add-in) gets email file attachments through

January 13, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
(January 13, 2010 - Moorhead, MN). The commonplace activity of sending files in an email is under attack! Between the sender and recipient are many points of interference, including aggressive firewalls, file storage policies and anti-virus software that may strip or quarantine benign files. Concerns about file security, email sniffing, and unauthorized email archiving combine to make file attachments both a security risk and an inconvenience.

To address these problems, Encryptomatic® LLC today announced the availability of OutDisk FTP version 3.0 for email users.

OutDisk is an FTP file transfer utility designed specifically for email users. OutDisk works with the sender's web hosting account to greatly simplify the process of sharing emails using email as the context.

"Many ISP's, email clients, and network administrators impose restrictions on file attachment sizes, file types, and inbox storage limits. OutDisk solves the problem by simplifying the upload process, and providing the recipient with a download link," said Darren S. Leno, President, Encryptomatic LLC.

OutDisk can be used by any Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7 user. Microsoft Outlook is not required to use OutDisk, will integrate with Outlook 2003 or later, if it is present.

From the desktop, a user can drop a file on the OutDisk desktop icon, and then click the "Start Upload" button. OutDisk will create a url that the sender can share with the recipient, or will attempt to pass the url directly to a new email window using the default email client.

To use OutDisk from Microsoft Outlook, the user opens a new email message attachesfiles to the email, clicks the "Use OutDisk" button and sends the message. OutDisk will insert the url into the email (either at the top or bottom), or attach a harmless text file to the email containing the url.

OutDisk automatically uploads the files to a unique directory in the sender's web site. The recipient clicks on the link to begin downloading the file through their web browser.

While file attachments in email can linger for years in an archive, when an OutDisk file is removed it is no longer accessible through the email. OutDisk's simplified file manager allows even novice users to manually delete or retrieve uploaded files. File deletion scripts are available and can be set to automatically remove files after a predetermined number of days.

OutDisk allows the sender to bundle the attachments into a standard zip file to save bandwidth, and can optionally add strong 256 bit AES encryption that is compatible with most popular zip utilities. Self-extracting and self-decrypting .exe files can also be created and uploaded.

OutDisk is the premier FTP file transfer utility for Microsoft Outlook. Since 2006, OutDisk has been in used by government agencies, large and small corporations, and individuals.

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Encryptomatic LLC is based in Minnesota, USA. The company was founded in 2006 by Darren Leno, a former Microsoft Product Manager, to focus on delivering software solutions that improve the email experience. Encryptomatic solutions may be purchased directly from the company, or through an authorized reseller. More information about Encryptomatic LLC is available at