"Advertainment" is sneaking into music, film and TV.

October 13, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In a story with far-reaching implications, the unusually-named Scott G (recording artist The G-Man) points out that many new forms of what he calls "advertainment" are coming. Among the predictions made by The G-Man in the article are:

* Debit card scanners in TV sets and barcodes in commercials, so you can order during a spot with the flick of your remote.
* Barcodes in songs, so you can download from iTunes by swiping your XM or Sirius player with your Visa or MasterCard.
* Credit cards built into wristwatches, so your "plastic money" is always close at hand.
* Links to product sites in every scene of DVD movies or computer games.
* Broadcasts of infotainment and advertainment will pop up everywhere: in public restrooms, at the Starbucks, at traffic signals, at the gas pump, on your mailbox, in the packages you purchase, in the parcels that arrive at your door, etc.
* Captive broadcasts, in which product benefits, price points and warranty information will play as soon as you lift up a product in the store.
* Digitized logo placement in the rebroadcasts of syndicated TV shows ("Hey, we can sell the product placement another three times!")
* Branded ingredient lists on menus.
* Corporate artwork that takes you on a virtual tour of the company.
* Interactive ads, where you get to play a character in a five-minute mini-movie.
* Holographic projections of commercials from postage stamps, car and house keys, magazine covers and ad pages, etc.

Scott G further predicts that one day microchips will be embedded under your skin, thus turn YOU into the receiver for television, radio, microwave, telephone, and global positioning system signals.

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Scott G is president of G-Man Music & Radical Radio and a creative director of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP). He writes for MusicDish.com and the Immedia Wire Service. The G-Man's albums are released by Delvian Records and are on Apple's iTunes. He can be reached via www.gmanmusic.com.