Urban Retreat's British Beauty Expert in Cellulite Gets 'Behind' Lipo Contour Elite

January 14, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
After decades of devoting herself to the beauty industry as a model, inventor of the non-surgical face-lift, experience in tissue regeneration and cellulite expert Jo Heptinstall rightly earned the title 'Madame Derrière. Trusted by VIP clients at the exclusive Urban Retreat at Harrods, Jo harnesses her expertise in their Body Clinic to help clients transform orange peel thighs and cottage-cheese bottoms into tight, toned smooth works of art.

Having travelled the globe researching cellulite and slimming remedies, Jo was an instant believer when she witnessed inch-loss and cellulite reduction achieved through the wearing of this breakthrough product Lipo Contour Elite. Jo also discovered that Lipo Contour Elite alleviated the symptoms of heavy leg syndrome.

Jo Heptinstall comments, "My experience as British Beauty Expert with Urban Retreat client's is that most women suffer with heavy leg syndrome especially those over the age of 50. This is the cause of lack of exercise, poor diet, hormone imbalance and not drinking enough water. I myself have suffered with heavy leg syndrome, and was astonished by how the aches and pains in my legs disappeared simply by wearing Lipo Contour Elite. The alleviation of the symptoms are due to the micro-massage action which increases circulation and drains waste toxins".

Jo goes onto say "Lipo Contour Elite is the easiest way to stay in shape that I know of! I would recommend them to anyone who does not have time for vigorous exercise routines because they will see results, though if you exercise you will see even faster, better results".

LIPO CONTOUR ELITE - Frequently asked questions
Answers provided by the British Beauty Cellulite Expert at Urban Retreat–Jo Heptinstall
Q: Do they work?
A: Yes they have been scientifically tested through a large-scale study of 96 women over a period of 8 weeks at the Dermatological Clinic at the University of Chieti, Italy. These tests proved the patented mini wave fabric stimulates the skin to release toxins, fluids and fat in just 4-8 weeks. I have tested them and found these claims to be true.
Q: How do they work?
A: Three special layers of fabric give the effect of massage, heat and pressure helping to increase blood circulation, which in turn this helps to break down fatty deposits giving the results of a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and aids inch loss.
Q: When and where shall I wear them?
A: They are extremely comfortable and trendy, I wear them to the gym and Zumber classes but they also look great as a fashion item so I wear them around the house, doing the shopping and to do housework in.
Q: What about cleaning them?
A: Simply hand wash then like you would your other delicates and leave them to dry naturally. Just be sure not to allow them to have direct contact with heat.
Q: How quickly will I see results?
A: Within days the skin becomes much softer and the body begins to get rid of excess water. Cellulite reduction and inch loss may take a little longer but full results can be seen in just eight weeks and some case studies have seen dramatic results in just seven days.
Q: Will I loose weight?
A: You will loose inches rather than weight.
Q: Do the results last?
A: Once you have reached your optimum inch loss you can wear them periodically to sustain the results.
Q: What kind of results can I expect?
A: My personal experience was softer smoother skin within 24 hours, some inch loss within the next few days and toning within 3-4 weeks, especially around the tummy and buttocks. I didn't do much exercise for the first 3 weeks but then I tried 30 minutes exercise every other day including some Hypoxi exercise treatments at Urban Retreat and the results were greatly improved.

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