Continued Growth for My Kangen Power Bucks Economic Trends

January 15, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Despite the economic downturn, business continues to grow for My Kangen Power, the premier distributor support system for Enagic water. For over 35 years, Enagic International has been a leader in the water purification business. As the US distribution arm for Enagic International, My Kangen Power has been a vital partner in the international growth of the company. Both My Kangen Power and Enagic International share a vision of improving global society and health through providing access to clean and healthy Enagic water.

Enagic water, also known as Kangen water, has been developed over decades of ground-breaking research in Japan. Enagic has positioned itself as an authority on the subject of pure, healthy water. Enagic water is a potent antioxidant, and has been proven to be particularly effective in helping those suffering from illness. Through the use of an Enagic water machine, normal tap water can be filtered to its purest form, removing any toxins in the public water supply. This innovative technology returns water to its natural state, and has been successfully used in Japanese hospitals and homes for years. For more information about Enagic water, please visit

Today, Enagic water distribution is rapidly growing in North America as a result of My Kangen Power. My Kangen Power is Enagic's largest, most comprehensive distributor resource center. It provides tools for thousands of successful Enagic water distributors, who have created a great deal of prosperity for themselves and for their business associates. My Kangen Power company leaders believe that part of their continued success has come from their commitment to fully empowering each and every distributor. The websites provided by My Kangen Power offer distributors the ability to market Enagic water filtration devices on a worldwide stage, with leading-edge technology.

The growth of My Kangen Power, and Enagic water, is anticipated to significantly increase throughout 2010. My Kangen Power is currently offering an exclusive 30 day trial offer to all interested Enagic distributors. Every member receives business training, two lead generation websites, two educational websites, a state-of-the-art virtual back office, and award-winning live support. Visit for more information or to signup for the trial offer visit