Enagic Global Expansion Driven by My Kangen Power

January 18, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Enagic International is expanding globally in 2010 with planned openings in Europe, Australia, and Dallas, Texas. As the firm expands the distribution of its Kangen water electrolysis water generators worldwide, the addition of these three offices will strongly position the firm to create a greater market share as well as spread the global philosophy of Triple Health (bodily, financially and mentally). The growth of Enagic has been powerfully driven by its largest distributor support center in North America, My Kangen Power.

Enagic International is currently celebrating its 36th year as the industry leader in the water-ionization market. Enagic water, also known as Kangen water, is a result of years of ground-breaking research by scientific pioneers in Japan. Enagic's state-of-the-art filtration systems provide the user with the most balanced, oxygenated form of water on the planet. Through the process of ionization, Enagic water reduces all toxins and impurities in tap water. The resulting alkaline structure is an effective antioxidant which can slow the effects of aging and help reverse disease. Once only used to treat hospital patients in Japan, Enagic or Kangen water is now quickly becoming a household name in the United States. For more information about Enagic water, please visit www.enagic.com/en/.

My Kangen Power, the U.S. distribution arm for Enagic water, has played a key role in the international growth of Enagic sales. Through a leading-edge technological system, My Kangen Power supports thousands of Enagic water distributors in the United States and Canada. My Kangen Power helps each distributor successfully market Enagic water filtrations devices on the worldwide stage. Sophisticated marketing and content support helps distributors share the message of the health benefits of Enagic water. Each member of the My Kangen Power network receives two lead generation websites, two educational websites, a virtual back office, business training, and award-winning customer service. This exceptional support provided by My Kangen Power has driven the need for the global expansion of Enagic International.

As both My Kangen Power and Enagic International expand, more distributors will be needed. For more information visit http://mykangenpower.com/ for more information.