IBC Rental and Service Leader Metano Holds Firm Against Stainless Steel Price Increases

January 18, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Despite rising raw material costs and increasing IBC demand, Metano IBC Services Inc. announced that it will hold the line on rental prices for its intermediate bulk container lines.

"The demand for reusable, returnable IBCs is stronger than ever and continues to grow despite the increases in raw materials," Metano President Tom Wilkins said.

Due in part to rapidly rising nickel prices worldwide, the price and availability of stainless steel have been fluctuating for several months and continue to do so. An exacerbating factor is that some stainless steel providers have depleted their inventories to near historic lows, creating diminished supply problems.

These uncertainties in the market have required stainless steel suppliers to increase the surcharges applied to the price.

As a result, manufacturing industries in North America including IBC makers — are presently facing widespread increases in the prices of all stainless steel materials.

But Metano is employing a straightforward, effective strategy to prevent the churning stainless market from affecting its customers.

"We continue to hold the line on increasing costs by keeping overhead and expenses to a minimum," Wilkins said. "This allows Metano to offer its customers a consistent daily rental rate, keeping them safe from IBC price increases."

Especially considering the long-term uncertainty surrounding raw materials pricing, tank rentals are a smart option for any company in the liquid packaging industry, he said. Renting stainless steel IBCs (http://www.metanousa.com/stainless-steel-tanks.asp) allows companies to conserve capital, preserve their credit lines and create greater budget flexibility.

Renting also prevents the purchase of expensive obsolete equipment and provides renters with the ability to quickly and easily change out tank types, depending on their specific needs.

Metano IBC Services, Inc., based in Perrineville, NJ, is a long-time leader in the stainless steel IBC rental and services market.