Vertilon Introduces Affordable Multichannel PMT Data Acquisition Systems

January 20, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
WESTFORD, MA (January 20, 2010) Vertilon Corporation (, a leader in high performance multichannel data acquisition systems for optical sensors, announced today that it has added the IQSP418 and IQSP518 to its PhotoniQ product line.

Targeting DNA sequencing, radiation detection, and other applications that require multiple photomultiplier tubes, the units are priced as affordable PMT data acquisition systems that are field expandable from two to as many as eight input channels. The inputs are designed to interface directly or with minimal circuitry to PMTs, silicon photomultipliers (SiPM), avalanche photodiodes, and other types of optical sensors. When triggered, signal data is simultaneously acquired across all channels and transferred to a PC through a high speed USB connection. Data can be displayed on the PC using an included graphical user interface or streamed to the user's real-time custom software application.

The IQSP418 is the high dynamic range version of the product having a 96 dB range, single photon sensitivity, and a maximum trigger rate of 150 KHz on all input channels. For higher speed applications, the IQSP518 has a maximum trigger rate approaching 400 KHz and dynamic range of 84 dB. Adding to the affordability is the fact that the unit can be purchased standard as a two channel unit and easily expanded in the field with a firmware upgrade to up to eight channels.

"The IQSP418 and IQSP518 are natural additions to our PhotoniQ product line," said Vincent Palermo, President of Vertilon. "Many of our customers wanted the features of our 32 and 64 channel units but did not need the high input channel count. These two new products give our customers many of the capabilities of our very successful high end products at a very compelling price."

Other applications for the IQSP418 and IQSP518 include flow cytometry, bioaerosol detection, and high speed particle analysis.

Vertilon says the IQSP418 and IQSP518 are in production and available today. The company also manufactures data acquisition systems with up to 64 channels for multianode photomultipliers and silicon photomultiplier arrays. Target applications for Vertilon's products include PET, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), high energy particle physics, gamma cameras, flow cytometry, confocal fluorescence microscopy, small animal imaging, and radiation monitoring.

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Vertilon manufactures advanced products for markets utilizing multi-anode photomultiplier tubes, avalanche photodiode arrays, silicon photomultipliers, and other multi-element charge-based sensors. Vertilon's core product line is the PhotoniQ, a family of high performance multi-channel data acquisition systems that interface to optical sensors and collect and process their output signals. Over the last seven years, Vertilon's PhotoniQ products have been used throughout the world by leading universities, government laboratories, and corporate R&D groups in applications that include particle physics, flow cytometry, bioaerosol detection, SPECT, positron emission tomography (PET), gamma cameras, DNA sequencing, and confocal fluorescence microscopy.