Ariel Laboratories Produces Formulas that Overcome Challenges Generic to Production of Natural Cosmetics

January 20, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The challenge that manufacturers of color cosmetics face is trying to meet this demand without sacrificing the critical "elegance" requirement. Fortunately, New Jersey-based product development and manufacturing company, Ariel Laboratories, is able to address this all-natural cosmetic industry need in a way that doesn't compromise elegance.

"We've definitely come a long way in terms of bringing all the look, texture and feel elements that women desire, and specifically shop for, into our natural formulations, said Ariel Laboratories President and Chief Chemist, Peter Bohm. "For example, women want a lip gloss that adheres to their lips and has a high-gloss finish. They definitely don't want a gloss that feels tacky or sticky on their lips or one that has a matte finish. We have been able to re-create the look and feel of traditional, non-natural products in a line of color cosmetics that satisfies the all-natural criteria that speaks to the needs of many 'green-conscious' women today," Bohm added.

One of the main obstacles in developing natural cosmetics is the absence of a universal set of standards that defines what the designation, "all-natural," means. Unlike the requirements that are in place for labeling a product "organic," there are no similar United States Division of Agriculture (USDA) regulations for the labeling of natural products. This allows for substantial leeway in meeting the criteria that are in place for each individual set of all-natural standards.

Ariel follows the stringent guidelines set by Whole Foods Market, which employs what is regarded as the most comprehensive set of standards when applying the "all-natural" designation to its products. "We produce all-natural formulations for some of the trendiest brands in the cosmetic industry and we adhere strictly to Whole Foods' standards and model our line accordingly," commented Bohm.

Most suppliers agree that it is much easier to create and deliver natural products in the personal care category, which includes soaps, lotions and creams, because they aren't as visual as color cosmetics. With eye, cheek, lip and leg products, the challenge in producing natural cosmetics is to maintain the same function and appearance that satisfies the expectations of the sophisticated female consumer when substituting natural for non-natural ingredients.

Ariel Labs is able to create formulas that exceed the most stringent set of standards for natural products but that also pass the discerning texture, look and feel tests of the most discriminating woman. "As we continue to approach the more sophisticated, top-line brands, we will be able to demonstrate that Ariel Labs can deliver a natural product and still maintain the brand standard of excellence and elegance," stated Bohm. "We are extremely proud of the integral role we play in bringing the "Green Movement" to the cosmetics industry."

About Ariel Laboratories
Ariel Laboratories is a product development laboratory and manufacturer headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ with three sites serving manufacturing and filling needs. Established in 1987 and under the direction of Master Chemist and President Peter Bohm, Ariel Laboratories is FDA compliant in both cosmetics and OTC products, and develops and manufactures products in both major categories in most all formats. The company actively supports small and medium-sized companies in the advancement of the cosmetic sciences.

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