Fly Parasites: Tiny insects from Organic Cowboy help solve a big fly problem for horse owners

January 23, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fly parasites from Organic Cowboy, sometimes called fly predators, can help end the misery that flies cause for horses and horse owners. These tiny gnat sized insects control flies before they become adult flies and are completely safe.

Flies are a seasonal woe for horse owners and their beloved horses. Not only can flies be a constant nuisance, but they can also be disease vectors for serious conditions such as pink eye in horses.

With these tiny gnat-size fly parasites (sometimes referred to as fly predators) horse owners have a big tool to battle flies before they become adults. "Fly parasites attack flies during the fly's larval stage before it becomes an adult fly", explains Matt Grainger, Owner of Organic Cowboy. "Fly parasites are the good guys and are part of the growing field of biological control". Mr. Grainger continues, "Traditional agriculture has embraced fly parasites as a time honored approach in their integrated fly control programs. Today horse owners are beginning to benefit from those same time tested approaches."

A simple weekly or monthly release of fly parasites, in fly breeding habitats, can help lead to season long control. Organic Cowboy further stresses that good clean-up practices will enhance any fly control program. But, with the addition of fly parasites you can greatly reduce your reliance upon chemical sprays or baits.

To learn more about fly control for horse stables, fly parasites and biological fly control contact Organic Cowboy at 877.499.9190 or view their web site at