LegalView Announces Newest Dorel Crib Recall Update

January 27, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News is pleased to announce its most recent content update, focused on supporting parents and families involved in the latest Dorel crib recall. Dorel Asia, the manufacturers of the crib, have instituted a recall of approximately 635,000 cribs sold at major retailers across the United States, including large chains such as Kmart, Sears, and Walmart, and retailed between $120 and $700.

The threat to children and parents using these cribs comes from the drop-side of the crib, that is "the side of the crib that caregivers can move up and down to get a child in or out of the crib," according to a spokesperson for the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Reports from the CPSC confirm concerns that the hardware holding up this drop-side of the crib can malfunction or fail completely. This then causes the side of the crib to detach, possibly trapping or suffocating a child. When reports of a death due to malfunctioning hardware reached the CPSC, Dorel Asia began its crib recall. The reported number of injuries thus far is one death and ten injuries.

In its continuing display of support for families of infants injured by these defective drop-side cribs, has posted a concise article detailing not only the dangers presented by these cribs, but also extensive information regarding developing a crib recall lawsuit as well as resources related to crib recalls in the past. Those familiar with the history of such injury cases will remember the recent Delta crib recall, in which approximately 1.6 million cribs were recalled after they were linked to two infant deaths.

As with any recall, the damages to the individual consumer may not have fully manifested themselves yet. Indeed, while several veritable injury claims exist currently, surely the future could hold the possibility for further legal action against the company. To this end, it is paramount that parents and families affected by this recall consult with an experienced
crib recall lawyer to discuss legal recourse. Taking a preemptive step towards proactive legal action ensures that those families will be on the forefront of personal injury litigation.

Additionally, now offers an information portal designed for the express purpose of keeping families abreast of the most recent developments in the legal world regarding child safety. Its newest site offers extensive child injury litigation resources for cases such as recalls, toy-related litigation, and legal action against other companies involved in children's products.

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