Sparxent Announces New Cloud Connector Solution

January 26, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. January 26, 2010 Sparxent, an IT and business solutions provider for the middle market, announced today that it has delivered the first in a series of Cloud Connector solutions. Sparxent's Managed Services offering includes Cloud Connectors, which move, share, and manage data between enterprise applications across a variety of environments such on-premise, cloud-based applications and hosted environments. Current customers of the offering are moving data between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to consolidate operations into a single customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Companies switch CRM applications for a variety reasons including mergers and acquisitions, cost-cutting measures, and the need for different functionality, but this change can often be challenging and expensive. "We have talked to several customers who are facing the challenge of migrating business-critical customer data between applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but most lack the resources, expertise or time to tackle this problem. The introduction of Sparxent's Cloud Connector series will provide a fast and cost-effective solution to allow our customers to focus on their core business instead of manually moving data," stated Sparxent Chief Scientist, Kirstan Vandersluis. "As companies balance IT spending with fewer resources, the demand for managed services such as our Cloud Connector series will continue to grow."

Sparxent's Cloud Connector solution provides the following benefits:
1. Seamless migration to new applications in a matter of days, not weeks or months
2. Standardization across different applications, implementations, and versions
3. Companies can focus on their core business, not on complicated IT projects

The new Cloud Connector solutions are implemented using the wide selection of connectivity in the XAware Data Integration software package. XAware is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sparxent. The Cloud Connector solutions include data migration and synchronization between any application including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. During the move process, data is cleansed to identify and remove errors or inconsistencies. New fields can be created, and data can be mapped, enriched, and transformed into business-ready format.

The Cloud Connector solutions offer managed services that require little to no effort from traditional IT organizations. In the coming months, Sparxent will continue to expand its Cloud Connector series to include other application connectors.

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About Sparxent:
Sparxent is a leading technology and business solution provider focused exclusively on the middle market. By combining global best-of-breed capabilities with hands-on local professionals, Sparxent is a comprehensive and single source for IT consulting, software and services.

About XAware:
XAware is a commercial open source data integration solution for creating composite data services targeting SOA, WOA, and more. XAware provides users with the ability to rapidly access and integrate data with applications, web services, and business processes. XAware also makes it possible to transform data, regardless of the original source, into reusable components for Web 2.0 applications of all flavors. Sparxent leads the XAware community of over 10,000 participants, and also develops high value enhancements for the commercial version of XAware. For community information, please visit: