7 Different Types of Home Insurance Policies Listed, Defined by InsuranceAgents.com

January 29, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
InsuranceAgents.com has set out to define the seven general policies that most insurance companies offer and the different riders and add-ons that can be tailored quite specifically, which makes for an infinite number of possibilities.

According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, finding quotes for the seven different home insurance policies is best done via the Internet. The article states, "When you are looking for home insurance quotes, the company you are receiving the quotes from will generally offer you seven different policies for which you can choose from."

HO-1 is the most basic policy which offers coverage for house and contents from damage resulting from fire, theft, and some weather. HO-2 is a bit more extensive than HO-1 and is geared more toward home owners affected by snow and other wintry conditions. HO-3 focuses more on the actual structure of your home, HO-4 is similar to 2 and 3 but is geared more toward renters, HO-5 is the most expensive and extensive policy, HO-6 is for condominium owners, and HO-8 is for older homes.

Regarding HO-8, the article states, "Geared more toward older homes, this policy covers the market value of the house instead of what it costs to replace it. This is because older homes generally cost more to rebuild."

Get started today by visiting InsuranceAgents.com and comparing insurance quotes. By getting in contact with agents, home owners can get expert advice for a policy specifically tailored to their needs.