Free Small Business Financing and Working Capital Loans Analysis from AEX Commercial Financing Group

February 01, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
AEX Commercial Financing Group is currently offering a free analysis of small business financing options to commercial borrowers throughout the United States in an effort to help with the increasing difficulty that most small business owners are encountering with their attempts to obtain working capital financing and commercial loans. Until further notice AEX has also reduced commercial mortgage and business consulting fees and has eliminated all upfront fees for working capital financing.

According to Stephen Bush, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for AEX Commercial Financing Group, "The key to financial success for most small businesses is keeping business financing fees at an affordable level. In the current challenging commercial lending climate, AEX has taken three actions to help businesses accomplish this: (1) AEX Commercial Financing Group is not charging any upfront fees for working capital financing services. (2) AEX is currently offering free business financing analysis that is often more effective and practical than other sources which charge substantial fees. (3) AEX has also lowered fees for commercial real estate loans and commercial finance consulting in addition to eliminating upfront fees for all working capital management services. Because AEX Commercial Financing Group recognizes that most businesses are experiencing a reduction in working capital, the AEX actions for eliminating or reducing small business finance fees are in the spirit of 'We're all in this together'."

In order to provide small business owners with a more complete understanding of working capital financing and small business financing problems (and how to solve them), AEX Commercial Financing Group recently published a series of small business loan reports which analyze the current challenges with commercial lenders and commercial bankers. Small businesses should be better prepared to cope with an increasingly difficult commercial finance and working capital financing environment after reviewing the AEX special reports.

More detailed information is available at AEX websites regarding their small business finance services. AEX provides specialized help for commercial real estate financing and business loans throughout the United States. Please contact Steve Bush at AEX Commercial Financing Group for realistic and straightforward advice.

AEX Commercial Financing Group is based in Ohio and provides assistance for commercial loans and working capital financing throughout the United States. Free business financing analysis is currently available from AEX for small businesses located in all areas of the United States.