PondFilter.com to Become a Source for All Pond Filtration Needs

February 01, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Online retailer PondFilter.com bursts onto the scene with the focus of providing all the product and information a pond owner needs to construct an efficient pond filter system in their pond or water garden.

In the pond community, it is no secret that filtration is the most critical component of a healthy pond. The people at PondFilter.com are growing out a website that will singularly focus around providing the best in pond filter and filter related products so that consumers can find everything they need in one store.

Additionally, the site plans on becoming a library of sorts for information, articles and other content centered around constructing a pond filter system and how to identify the proper components needed to build a filter system.

"We feel like the area of filtration in ponds and water gardens is something that a singular focus should be applied to. First time and even seasoned pond people are always looking for new information, latest technology and other resources to help them improve their current system", states a rep from PondFilter.com. "We have lofty goals of having the largest selection and best prices on pond filter supplies of any store on the internet. We also have plans in place to develop one of the most robust learning centers for pond filter information anywhere. We just want customers to feel like they are making the best decision for their pond."

At present the company offers a full line of pond filters, both submersible and external, along with a wide array of pond pumps to match up with the filters. The store currently is working on adding many other brands and sizes of filters that should be in stock and available for the annual spring clean up and maintenance that most pond owners do each year.

PondFilter.com also offer manual filtration tools like nets, brushes and skimmers to help remove debris and other floating waste that is not normally removed by a filter, as well as an array of water treatments to assist in the filtration process. Items like pond bacteria, barley extract, dyes, conditioners and even various filter media are all available.

For more information or to find out more about these pond supplies from PondFilter.com, call 1-800-422-9714 or visit www.PondFilter.com.

About Pond Filter, LLC
Pond Filter, LLC, through its website www.pondfilter.com is an online retailer of products and supplies directly related to the filtration needs of ponds and water gardens. The store has a goal of becoming THE place on the internet for products and information regarding the construction and improvement of pond filter systems.