1040EZ IRS Tax Form and Instructions Online from Harbor Financial for 2010, 2011

February 04, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Harbor Financial reminds taxpayers, the 1040EZ tax form can be used by individuals who qualify to use that particular form. To prevent steep penalties and interest, make sure the correct tax return form is filed and sent in on time.

To file a 2009 1040Ez form these requirements must be met:
Taxable income must be under $100,000
Filing status must be Single or Married Filing Jointly
Tax Filer and Spouse (if married) must be under 65 and not blind
No dependents are claimed
Interest income is $1,500 or less
The additional standard deduction for real estate taxes, taxes on the purchase of a new motor vehicle, or disaster losses are not claimed.

There are some other stipulations pertaining to qualifying for the use of Form 1040EZ. Online tax software will quickly and easily determine if the correct tax form is being utilized or not.

As a matter of fact, tax software will fill in data right into the correct box as information is entered. Instructions can be downloaded from the web site of the IRS if the taxpayer wants to try to figure it out the old fashioned way paper way.

Online Electronic Filing
Filing taxes online will guarantee a permanent electronic record of each years' tax return. If last years' tax form has to be accessed for any reason, it will be right there at the touch of a mouse. No more digging through file boxes searching for documents.

Filing taxes online will guarantee the proper forms are utilized. When filing online the work is practically done by the time the user begins. W-2 forms can be imported directly from the employer and other documents from over 100,000 participating financial institutions.

Online electronic tax filing will allow for a faster refund. Using online tax software combined with direct deposit will bring a refund into a bank account in as little as 8 to 14 days.

Instructions for 1040EZ Tax Form
Complete instructions can be obtained from the web site of the IRS for filing the 1040EZ tax form. The process can be quick and easy by using online tax preparation software.

Data can be imported from QuickBooks and W-2s can be sent electronically from the employer. Instructions will be step by step as the 1040EZ tax form is filled out.
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