Professional Career Site answers questions on Job Search Tax Deductions.

February 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
According to professional career site, keep all of your job search receipts. Most job search related expenses are indeed tax deductible. For the unemployed, underemployed or those just looking for a new job this is great news.

Job search related deductions such as travel, resume creation, distribution, agency fees and premium sites like and The Ladders are tax deductible as long as they meet certain criteria and the tax payer itemizes their taxes.

According to H&R Block ( expenses must meet the following criteria:
   * The job seeker is looking for a job in the same field.
   * The job seeker is looking for job at a similar level to their most recent job.
   * The total of all of the job seeker's miscellaneous itemized deductions is more than 2% of your over Adjusted Gross Income.

Aaron Garabedian from The Garabedian Group, an accounting and consulting firm in Fresno, CA, explained it in plain English, "For instance if have been out of work for six months and your total adjusted gross income for the year is $25,000, you would need your total miscellaneous itemized deductions to be more than $500. This is the total of all miscellaneous deductions not just job search related, some other miscellaneous itemized deductions are professional or union dues, work tools, protective work clothing, mortgage interest, property taxes and tax preparation fees."

Here are the items that job seekers can generally deduct:

   * Employment agency fees (like  If the fees are repaid by an employer in a later tax year the job seeker will have to declare the reimbursement as income.

    * Resume Preparation - Marketing: Printing, postage, advertising and other fees associated with creation and distribution of job seekers resume.

   * Travel:  non-reimbursed airfare, automobile mileage, meals and lodging are all covered.

Tax Tools and Services to help with job seekers taxes:

   * H&R Block - Helpful Online Tax Preparation:
   * TurboTax Online -  The faster way to file online:
   * No-Cost Taxes Online-  No cost and low cost tax filing:
   * Income Tax Calculator - Calculate your Income Tax online:

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