Announcing a new website, and ebook, Secrets To Reducing Clutter

February 08, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Reducing Clutter Secrets announces a new website, and the release of a new ebook, Secrets to Reducing Clutter.

It's Time to Get Organized

It's time to get organized and de-clutter one's home, because removing clutter will bring peace and tranquility. It's the beginning of a new year and a new decade, and what a perfect time to take on the task of cleaning the living space, for it will reflect in life.

Let's Start With the Closets

Closets are a place where clutter occurs quickly. The door can be opened, stuff tossed in, and the door closed, then forget about what's behind the doors. Use a system to evaluate what to keep and what to get rid of.

Now the Garage

Garages are definitely a place of clutter. Many items that don't even belong in a garage find their way there to be stored and never used again. Start by determining the items that belong in the garage and those that don't. When items don't belong chances are they are not use anymore.

Into the Kitchen

Kitchens can be extremely disorganized and can contain all kinds of items that may not be used regularly but still need to kept. That's why a system of organization works so well. The kitchen can take more than a day to organize properly. Take the time necessary to do it right.

The e-Book "Reducing Clutter Secrets" is an excellent tool to help put a plan of attack into action. It covers everything from A to Z in no time your home will be in tip top shape, organized and de-cluttered. It includes some excellent techniques to make de-cluttering fun and stress free. Certainly a valuable tool for getting organized.

Let's look at a few steps to get started:

- Lay everything from the closet on the bed, on the floor, where ever you have room. If it's the bedroom closet that will include shoes and purses.
- Use a similar technique in each room.
- Create three piles keep, give away, and throw away.
- For items in not used or worn in 6 months, it's time to part ways.
- Discover MAPP Motivation Assessment, Preparation, and Planning.
- Put an organizational strategy to work.

An organized house is less stressful and certainly more peaceful. Spring cleaning doesn't have to happen in spring.

Visit and check out the ebook Secrets to Reducing Clutter at