Head to Seminyak for Pager Wesi - AsiaRooms.com

February 10, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
AsiaRooms.com reports people staying in Seminyak hotels this March may like to experience the Balinese festival of Pager Wesi.

This special day takes place across Bali twice a year and celebrates Sang Yang as the creator of the universe.

On Pager Wesi, Balinese people devote time to driving out bad spirits and encouraging good ones to visit their houses, shops and temples.

Small woven baskets containing offerings can be seen left on the porches of every house on this day, which next takes place on March 3rd.

The belief in spirits forms an important part of Balinese religion, which combines animist folk beliefs with Hinduism from other parts of south-east Asia.

According to the Bali Vision website, the Balinese faith is best understood as a combination of religious ideas from India, China and Java.

This belief system is sometimes referred to as Agama Tirta, or the religion of the holy water.

Unlike other versions of Hinduism, the Balinese religion does not require people to study sacred texts or follow any set doctrine.

Instead, worshippers are simply encouraged to make regular offerings to the gods and participate actively in the events at their temple.