Experience Sekaten Muludan during Bali trips - AsiaRooms.com

February 10, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
AsiaRooms.com reports the festival of Sekaten Muludan offers people using accommodation in Bali an opportunity to experience another aspect of Indonesian culture.

A celebration of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday, the event is observed by Muslim communities across Indonesia, making it an interesting alternative to the version of Hinduism practised by most inhabitants of Bali.

By leaving the island and heading over to Java, travellers will find special events arranged as part of Sekaten Muludan in many towns and cities.

The festival takes place in March every year and is marked by religious services in mosques around Indonesia.

One particularly popular event is the Sekaten Fair, held in the city of Surakarta in central Java.

This is a celebration of Javanese culture and religious identity, with a spectacular procession through the city, local handicrafts and many traditional performances ensuring a memorable experience for visitors.

The fair takes place in the North Square of Surakarta's Kasu Nanan Palace, where crowds gather to receive gifts from the sultan on Grebeg Maulud - the final day of the celebrations.

Known locally as Solo, Surakarta is also famous for large textile markets such as Pasar Klewer, where traditional batiks can be purchased.