Kumon maths & English tuition - Two-week Free Trial ends soon

February 09, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Kumon Educational UK, one of the leading providers of supplementary maths & English programmes, is running a two-week Free Trial for children of all ages and abilities.

All children enrolling on a Kumon programme before the 20 February will receive two-week's free tuition on the programme of their choice. This special offer provides children with the opportunity to experience Kumon first-hand and also gives parents an insight into how the Kumon method can benefit their child. The offer applies to either or both subjects of English and maths, and is open to families who are new to Kumon and their siblings.

Kumon offers individualised maths and English study programmes that are tailored to the needs of each child. Through daily practice and repetition, students build their confidence, improve their concentration and gain effective study skills that will enhance their future learning. Through Kumon, your child can develop an attitude to learning that enables them to overcome obstacles and succeed in life.

Kumon students and brothers Jack and James from Kent said:
"We like Kumon as it helps us learn more difficult sums without counting on our fingers and we get to meet other children too. It will help improve focus and concentration and build confidence with numbers".

Jack and James mum said:
"We heard about Kumon maths tuition from a friend whose children attend. Having the chance to come and try without obligation confirmed my decision to register the children. The Instructor is so motivational all apprehension from the children quickly turned to enthusiasm. Kumon is working for them already and they are more confident in their mental maths and their concentration has improved".

The Kumon method of learning was developed in 1954 by Toru Kumon, both a parent and gifted teacher from Japan. Like any parent, Toru wanted the best education for his son and began devising a teaching method using worksheets in the core subject of maths. Soon word spread of the success of his method and now in 2010, there are approximately 58,000 students studying Kumon at more than 625 study centres across the UK and Ireland.

For further information or to enrol on the Free Trial, please call 0800 854 714 or visit Kumon.co.uk to find your nearest study centre.


About the Free Trial
- The Free Trial offer applies to both Kumon maths and English programme and is open to families who are new to Kumon, siblings of current students and those already in the programme, considering a second subject.
- Any number of children per family can take part.
- On completion of the taster the family can choose to keep their child/children on the programme or discontinue.
- Should the parent decide to discontinue, no charge is made.
- Should they decide to continue, registration and monthly subject fees are payable from the 15th day of study.
- Kumon's initial registration fee is £25.
- The monthly single subject fee is £50 per child.
- Dual subject fees, for those students studying both the maths and English programmes, are £90 per month, per child, provided both subjects are studied at the same study centre.
- All monthly subject fees are payable in advance.

About Kumon UK
- Kumon is one of the leading after-school education providers in the UK and Ireland, offering maths and English programmes.
- There are around 58,000 Kumon students learning at more than 600 study centres across the UK and Ireland, with over 4.2 million students worldwide.
- Kumon aims to provide children with long-term foundations in reading, writing and arithmetic.
- Kumon instils confidence in children and makes them believe they can do anything they set their mind to.
- All Kumon Instructors are skilled and committed individuals with a passion for education, and a strong desire to see children develop.
- In 2008 the Kumon Group celebrated its 50th Anniversary.