examines changes made in Medicaid

February 10, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News, the most authentic resource for finding information on certified nursing assistant jobs, training, and news recently explored the changes that were made in Medicaid to cover persons that are not insured by private insurance companies. It has been found that as per the changes Federal and State Programs on healthcare will now pay for more than half of the total healthcare services purchased in US by 2012. A recent report published in Journal of Health Affairs also supported this fact.

Allocation in healthcare share in relation to GDP had an upward movement by 1.1 percentage points and was at 17.3% in 2009. Incidentally, this was the largest increase over a single year since 1960. The figure was derived by tracking the total US healthcare expenditure.

The Community health centers were formed to provide the healthcare services to people not enjoying benefits of health insurance or to those who were living far from the hospitals and for poor citizens. These Community Health Centers were, therefore, the only cost effective option for plugging the gaps present in US healthcare system.

If we consider the report of researchers published in Journal of HealthAffairs an additional $500,000 would now be utilized for treating 540 uninsured which is roughly 10% of the total number of uninsured persons. President Obama's 2011 budget has provision of $290 million addition to increase network of federally-funded health centers.

The research work was carried out under the leadership of Anthony Lo Sasso, University of Illinois, Chicago. He used data collected pertaining to last 10 years period and as per his observations this investment would pay off huge benefits to the patients and the nation collectively in long run.

It has been revealed that the investment will be made in Health Centers, which qualify for the criteria set up federally during the period 1996-2006. The effects are clearly reflected in the increase of services made available to the patients, which includes mental health and treating substance abuse patients and drug abuse counselors.

The shift in respect to healthcare dominance by the Government is taking place fast as it was found that increasing number of public is losing the benefits of private health insurance on account of recession and is opting for Medicaid. Moreover, as per a report released by Medicare analysts aging baby boomers are also now signing up for Medicare.

We can obviously imagine the bearing these may have on debate over President Obama's healthcare plans, which is already facing criticisms from different quarters. Many of the critics are questioning the involvement of the Government in the healthcare affairs.

President Obama's 2011 Budget Provisions for nursing establishments

The American Association of Nurses praised President Obama for making a special provision of funding for nursing education proposals and related research programs after the release of Department of Health and Human budget for the year 2011.

The said proposal continues the funding level of $224 million and it also fulfills the demand of 3% increase towards National Institute of Nursing Research or the research in respect of advancement in respect of Nursing Science.

The Analysts of Bureau of Labor Statistics have projected that more than 587000 new registered nurses posts shall be available by 2016. Based on these facts, the schools of nursing are attempting to increase the student capacity and in matching facility services to accommodate the anticipated number of new students.

It was also found that during the year 2009 about 40000 qualified applicants could not be accommodated for admission because of inadequate seating capacity of the nursing schools. As per AACN survey the primary reason was faculty shortage and lesser space where clinical education can be completed and associated budgetary restrictions.