Enagic forms Proactive Marketing Division

February 15, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Enagic USA is pleased to announce the formation of its proactive Marketing Division. Don Prosser has been nominated to serve as the Director of Marketing. The Marketing Division will aggressively lead Enagic's expansion into the direct sales field of electrolysis water generators. Enagic's proprietary Kangen Water® is the world leader of alkaline water generators globally. As one of his first initiatives, Prosser has announced a new promotional bonus for independent distributors whom are just getting started. Effective February 1, new promotional payments are available for qualified individuals. More information about the bonus is available at www.enagic.com/3a/.

Japan-based Enagic has developed Kangen Water® machines over decades of research. The innovative equipment produces alkaline water that is both purified and filled with antioxidants. Enagic water machines are connected to an ordinary faucet, and then filter all contaminants out of the tap water, while preserving healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. Next, the water is ionized through a unique electrolysis process. The resulting Kangen drinking water is highly alkaline, which helps restore balance to the body. Because of the health benefits of Kangen Water®, it has been used in Japanese hospitals for many years. Enagic water is officially recognized in Japan as a medical device, and widespread in Japanese households. Enagic water machines are now also growing quickly in North America. For more information about Enagic, visit www.enagic.com.

North American growth has been driven in part by My Kangen Power, Enagic's distribution arm in the United States. My Kangen Power provides distributors with state-of-the-art technology and award-winning support. Thousands of distributors in North America rely on My Kangen Power for business training, as well as content and marketing assistance. My Kangen Power also gives each distributor a virtual back office, two lead generation websites, and two educational websites. As demand for Kangen Water® continues to grow, more distributors will be needed. More information is available at mykangenpower.com.

Growth is projected to continue rapidly as My Kangen Power works in tandem with Enagic's new Marketing Division.