Enagic USA Launches New Corporate Website

February 16, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In response to growing demand for Enagic's proprietary Kangen Water®, Enagic USA has officially released a new corporate website at www.enagic.com. The website comes as part of expanding marketing efforts for Kangen Water®. Using state-of-the-art internet technologies, the high-end website will help maintain the high standards that Enagic is known for. Features include search engine friendly marketing, global accessibility, cross-platform compatibility and ease-of-use. The site includes detailed information about Enagic USA, the benefits of Kangen Water®, technological data, and an online store.

Kangen Water®, known for its health benefits, is produced through advanced water ionization machines developed by Japanese scientists at Enagic International. The machines are widely used throughout homes in Japan, as well as in Japanese hospitals, where Kangen Water® is officially recognized as a medical device. Made with the highest-quality components, Kangen Water® machines filter toxic contaminants such as lead and chlorine out of drinking water, without losing healthy minerals like calcium. The machine also ionizes water through the use of titanium electrode plates dipped in platinum. The ionization process creates highly alkaline Kangen Water®, which counteracts the effects of too much acidity in the modern diet. Kangen Water® is a powerful antioxidant, and is used both in fighting disease and in improving general health. Because of the significant health benefits of Kangen Water®, Enagic machines are growing quickly in popularity in North America.

North American growth has been assuered through the efforts of My Kangen Power, Enagic's distributor support system in the United States. The new website for Enagic USA was developed by Flying Man Productions, the creators of mykangenpower.com. My Kangen Power provides support for thousands of North American distributors. MyKangenPower.com offers marketing assistance through personalized lead generation websites, educational websites, a virtual back office, and business training. My Kangen Power also offers award-winning customer service.

Enagic's new corporate site will be updated regularly with new information. Check http://www.enagic.com for updates and more company and product information.