World First - Green Cell Technologies' Extraction Process reduces plant & micro-organisms to a stabilised molecular level

February 12, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Cape Town, February 12, 2010 launched officially today by South Africa-based Green Cell Technologies, a revolutionary non-denaturing patented extraction technology that does not use harmful heat or chemicals. The technology, known as Dynamic Cellular Disruption (DCD), disrupts plant and micro-organism cell structures reducing them to a stabilised molecular level, rendering them 99.9994% bio-available a world first.

"The DCD process is cost effective and produces results which can lead to increased profit margins,'' commented Green Cell Technologies' chief research officer, Jan Vlok "At the same time this technology lowers the overall cost of health products, functional foods and beverages, supporting our mission to make these type of products accessible to a greater number of people the world over".

This highly evolved and closely guarded process (involving up to 18 key steps) which has taken years to research and perfect, can be applied to the whole plant or parts thereof. DCD immediately stabilises the molecules, increases their active levels as well as their application versatility and produces significantly higher yields whilst reducing or even entirely eliminating, wastage. From the processed plant material, molecules of interest can be isolated and extracted with greater ease.

DCD technology is all encompassing and applicable to numerous industry sectors including; pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, cosmoceutical, agriculture and functional foods & beverage companies as well as bio-fuels.

DCD can be applied to such a broad spectrum of industry. Examples include:
- sustainable bio-fuel without harming the earth;
- the use of the whole fruit in juices to produce truly nutritious beverages zero waste to landfill;
- the extraction of stabilised active molecules to produce natural medicines for pharma companies;
- plant waste material treated with DCD to provide denuded soil with nutritious "Earth Supplements"and;
- Dermis penetrating serums and creams.

"Green Cell Technologies and its DCD process, working with like minded partners across the globe, provides an important solution to human, animal and earth health with affordable & accessible, sustenance and benefits for all," concluded Roy W Henderson, Chief Executive Officer, Green Cell Technologies.