MyOnlinePCGuy LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE, Real technical support for real people

February 19, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
February 19, 2010— Losing battles when it comes to understanding and using the many applications of your computer is exhausting. Problems and glitches that waste time and increase headaches are frustrating. Finally, a 'PC guy' is standing ready to help. Established by award winning technical instructor Brian Zibricky, myOnlinePCGuy brings real technical support to real people who depend on their computers at work and at home.

MyOnlinePCGuy, (fully owned and operated in the United States,) provides unlimited, personalized support and individualized training for one's home or small business. Regardless of experience or comfort level with technology, myOnlinePCGuy is highly accessible. Simply clicking a small desktop application allows support personnel to remotely and securely connect to the client's PC. From backup maintenance to digital media, myOnlinePCGuy can help, at a competitive cost.

Visit Large click-through icons and intuitive keywords keep the website simple. Sidebar buttons link to service descriptions and other key features. Watch for useful tips in Brian Zibricky's blog, and stay current with the changes that affect the digital world. To receive the most advanced personalized support, create a PCGuy Profile. MyOnlinePCGuy shows clients how to take full advantage of all incorporated technology.

"MyOnlinePCGuy isn't only interested in fixing our customers' PCs; we aim to fix the relationship they have with them."